Table 1

Exposure to intervention strategies, consistent condom use, collective efficacy and community support among female sex workers in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, Integrated Behavioural and Biological Assessment Round I

%Tamil Nadu State (N=2032)Chennai (N=410)Rest of Tamil Nadu (N=1622)Maharashtra State (N=2525)Mumbai (N=1596)Rest of Maharashtra (N=926)
Per cent exposure to/or participation in interventions
 Has been contacted by a peer educator62.930.371.148.743.158.1
 Took part in meeting or training organised by an NGO57.529.764.628.522.938.1
 Member of a self-help group supported by the NGO26.18.530.
 Member of a sex worker collective9.5012.
Desired outcomes (per cent)
 Consistent condom use57.282.550.874.468.983.8
 Collective efficacy27.525.927.829.720.246.0
 Community support80.093.377.244.432.564.8