Table 2

Strength (score) of female sex worker CBOs in Krishna and Vizianagaram districts, Andhra Pradesh, India: assessed using the COPI tool, 2010

Parameters and IndicatorsMaximum scoreKrishna districtVijayanagaram district
Round 1 (2010)Round 2 (2011)Round 1 (2010)Round 2 (2011)
Individual indicator scoreMean scoreIndividual indicator scoreMean scoreIndividual indicator scoreMean scoreIndividual indicator scoreMean score
 Leadership has demonstrated capacity to adopt a solidarity role during crises faced by FSWs43.002.502.002.00
 Leadership has demonstrated the ability to mobilise FSWs to assert their identity and to engage with issues through collective action41.453.270.732.55
 Leadership team is capable of setting its own agenda43.003.333.333.50
 Selection process of the leadership is participatory71.584.722.303.61
 System of accountability of leaders to community members in place103.963.835.103.92
 FSWs included in the leadership31.801.201.201.20
Decision making94.394.865.296.29
 A well-defined decision-making system for operational matters in place, with the CBO being the decision maker31.642.791.932.71
 System in place to promote community involvement in strategic decision making30.710.571.000.57
 Committees for crisis response and advocacy have been formed and are meeting regularly32.041.502.363.00
Resource mobilisation101.911.912.342.343.623.620.000.00
Community collective network111.563.021.905.15
 Increasing engagement of FSWs with CBOs from other locations51.001.831.333.17
 Networking with State AIDS Control Societies and government bodies30.560.190.561.31
 Networking, collaboration with other solidarity groups and advocacy initiatives30.
Project, financial and legal risk management103.685.034.553.78
 Leadership has demonstrated the capacity to manage strong financial, accounting and administrative systems51.801.402.304.001.40
 Leadership is competent and confident of contributing to project processes51.883.632.553.272.38
FSWs' engagement with the state168.8011.568.3610.00
 Awareness of rights and entitlements, especially with respect to dealing with arrests and violence42.913.272.914.00
 Demonstrated collective action in utilising and creating spaces for negotiation with state bodies62.074.471.093.27
 Demonstrated capability in successfully claiming and realising FSWs' rights and entitlements63.823.824.362.73
Engagement with key influencers125.214.922.196.94
 Able to make itself visible to diverse influential stakeholders as collective agency of FSWs52.712.601.253.13
 Demonstrated collective action in engaging with diverse non-state stakeholders in asserting the identity of FSWs72.502.310.943.81
 Overall CBO score (based on all the above indicators)40.3550.5840.5948.92
  • Leadership includes CBO executive committee members, which consists of 17–21 members, of which five are office bearers and 12–16 task committee members. Resource mobilisation includes both internal (fee or voluntary contributions from members) and external resources (funds, donations and contributions from individuals, government agencies and NGOs) mobilised by the CBO. Key influencers includes (1) rowdies, pimps, lodge/brothel owners, drivers, husbands/regular partners; (2) advocates, doctors and solidarity group members and (3) faith leaders, members of the neighbourhood community, local clubs and the media. Interpretation of overall CBO score using series of bands: Basic (0–14), Foundation (15–29), Promising I (30–43), Promising II (44–57), Promising III (58–72), Vibrant I (73–87) and Vibrant II (88–100). A detailed description of the procedures in weighting and the determination of bands is given in the article by Thomas et al in this issue.15

  • FSW, female sex workers.