Table 1

Characteristics of sample (N=347)

Received no home visit (N=89, 26%)Received home-visit service for newborn* only (N=65, 19%)Received home-visit project for all infants only (N=149, 43%)Received both home-visit projects (N=44, 13%)p Value
Maternal characteristics
 Mother's age (years)
  <2477.969.274.736.8 0.016
 Working status before or during pregnancy
  House wife3741.62640.05838.91329.60.73
  Part-time working1618.01320.03020.11329.6
  Full-time working3539.32233.96140.91840.9
 Current working status
  Not working8797.86498.514496.644100.0
Child's characteristics
 Infant's age at first survey (week)
  4 to <85359.64467.710067.12761.4
 Infant's age at second survey (week)
  16 to <205662.94467.79664.43272.7
 Preterm birth
 Low birth weight
Family characteristics
 Number of children
  14348.33756.95536.92761.4 0.031
 Type of house
  Detached house3741.626408657.71840.9 0.026
  Apartment/condominium building5157.33756.96241.62659.1
  I city5662.95178.56342.31125.0 <0.001
  K city3337.11421.58657.73375.0
 Length of living in the current city (year)
  10 to <2066.723.1106.736.8
 Living with grandmother, grandfather or relatives
 Subjective economic status
  Fairly stable5157.33655.467452045.5
  Barely maintaining1516.969.22214.8920.5
  • Values in bold are significant (p) at the 0.05 level.

  • * Home-visit service for newborns targets mothers in need of help at 1–2 months of age, visited by public health nurses or midwives.

  • Home-visit project for all infants targets all infants until 4 month of age, visited by trained community staff.

  • Mothers who received both home-visit service for newborns and home-visit project for all infants.