Table 2

FSWs' interaction with the police and reported experiences of abuse in five district of Andhra Pradesh, Behavioural Tracking Survey, 2010–2011

Interaction with the police and experience of abuseAnanthapur (N=400)Medak (N=400)Khammam (N=396)Warangal (N=390)Kurnool (N=400)Total (N=1986)
Ever arrested by the police (%)***
Police explained reasons for arrest (%)***
Police informed at least one friend or relative about the arrest (%)**
Ever interacted with the police (%)***80.539.239.566.463.266.2
Feels that the police treat FSWs more fairly now than they did 1 year before (%)***83.359.559.076.674.977.9
  • **p<0.01; ***p<0.001. Significance of the differences in the percentages across districts was tested using χ2 test.

  • Among FSWs who had ever been arrested refers to FSWs' experience when they were arrested last time.

  • Among FSWs who had ever interacted with the police.

  • FSW, female sex worker; N, number of cases.