Table 1

Fundamental needs for people: goods/services indicated by a minority of households (<50%) that they were not within their means, French EU–SILC survey 2006 (N=10 036)*

Fundamental needs for peopleProportion of households who indicated that certain goods/services were not within their means, %*
Using your own means to cover a necessary yet unplanned expense of €80034.1
Replacing worn-out furniture32.7
Taking a week's annual holiday away from home32.4
Buying new clothes11.8
Having friends/family for a drink or a meal at least once a month10.0
Offering presents to family or to friends at least once a year9.4
Having a computer8.2
Having two pairs of shoes (for each adult in the household)7.4
Eating a meal containing some meat or some fish or the vegetarian equivalent once every 2 days6.7
Keeping your house sufficiently warm6.7
Having a car4.6
Spending a day with at least one complete meal over the past 2 weeks2.9
Having a video recorder or DVD reader2.8
Having a freezer2.4
Having a washing machine1.4
Having a microwave oven1.3
Having a phone (including a mobile phone)0.9
Having a colour TV0.4
Having a refrigerator0.1
  • * Data weighted on non-response and adjusted on sample design of the French EU–SILC survey 2006.

  • EU–SILC, European Union–Statistics on Income and Living Conditions.