Table 2

Summary characteristics of exposed and unexposed families by parent's sex

Exposed familiesUnexposed familiesExposed familiesUnexposed families
Median age in years at the end of 1980, families with children aged
 10–17 years32.
 18–25 years38.
 26–33 years47.
 34–41 years56.
 42–49 years63.
Median number of children3.
Marital status (%)
 Previously married27.717.714.511.2
 Never married4.
Socioeconomic status (%)
 Blue-collar worker29.429.334.234.2
 White-collar worker17.824.728.434.5
 Outside labour market48.441.126.219.0
Lives in large city (%)26.023.724.022.9
Lives in same municipality as child (%)70.679.271.377.8
  • All information refers to the situation at the end of 1980. Large city means a municipality with more than 100 000 inhabitants.