Table 1

Description of sample

NNumber of deliveries in the past 2 years3294
Number of non-pregnant women of reproductive age6339
Number of clusters397
Community-level variables
 CHW presenceNo CHW (reference group)0.480.03
At least one female CHW0.380.03
Only male CHW0.140.02
 Walk time to health facility<2 h (reference group)0.580.03
2 to <3 h0.140.02
3 to <4 h0.070.01
≥4 h0.200.02
Household- and individual-level variables
 Wealth statusPoorest 40% (reference group)0.480.02
Middle 40%0.340.01
Least poor 20%0.180.01
 Mother's age at time of survey (contraception outcome)<20 yrs (reference group)0.090.00
20–24 yrs0.170.01
25–29 yrs0.220.01
30–34 yrs0.150.01
35–49 yrs0.370.01
 Mother's age at time of delivery (ANC and SBA outcome)<20 yrs (reference group)0.220.01
20–24 yrs0.270.01.
25–29 yrs0.250.01
30–34 yrs0.140.01
35–49 yrs0.120.01
 Mother's educationNo education (reference group)0.940.01
Some education0.060.01
 Parity≤2 children0.250.01
3–4 children0.230.01
5–7 children0.340.01
>7 children0.180.01
 Other women in householdNo other married woman (reference)0.780.01
1–2 other married woman0.180.01
3 or more other married women0.04<0.01
  • Robust estimates and SEs were calculated using the survey command in STATA.

  • ANC, antenatal care; CHW, community health workers; SBA, skilled birth attendance.