Table 1

Childhood socio-demographic characteristics of baseline sample, respondents lost to follow-up and respondents followed-up at waves 2 and 5

All participants at baseline (n=1495)*Not followed-up (n=645)*Followed-up at waves 2 and 5 (n=850)p Value
Area-level deprivation
 DepCat 1–3 (least deprived)43429.015323.728133.1<0.001
 DepCat 4–556737.922735.234040.0
 DepCat 6–7 (most deprived)49433.126541.122926.9
Housing tenure
Head of household social class
 I, II and III (non-manual)59339.820231.639146.0<0.001
 III (manual)56437.926842.029634.8
 IV and V33222.316926.416319.2
Family structure
 Intact family119479.950177.769381.50.066
 Non-intact family30120.114423.315718.5
Number of siblings
 Two to three64343.027442.536943.4
 Four or more23715.812719.711013.0
Number of school moves
 One to two48232.222635.025630.1
 Three or more563.8325.0242.8
  • * In the baseline sample (and in the sample that was not followed-up), there were 20 individuals who had missing data across at least half of the socio-demographic characteristics and so were excluded from this table. In addition, there was one missing housing tenure response and six missing responses for questions relating to the construction of the head of household social class variable.

  • p Value for the χ2 test of association of those followed-up at waves 2 and 5 with those not followed-up.