Table 2

Crude analyses, unadjusted HRs and 95% CIs, on the association between intelligence (IQ), body mass index (BMI), smoking, risky use of alcohol, psychiatric diagnosis, musculoskeletal diagnosis at conscription in 1969–1970, job control, physical strain at work in 1990 and the risk of disability pension in 1991–2002

Unadjusted HR95% CI
 High (7–9)11
 Medium (4–6)2.071.82 to 2.36
 Low (1–3)4.183.66 to 4.78
Health-related lifestyle factors
 BMI ≥251.351.15 to 1.58
 Smoking1.651.51 to 1.81
 Risky use of alcohol1.901.70 to 2.12
Psychiatric diagnosis2.582.32 to 2.86
Musculoskeletal diagnosis1.291.16 to 1.44
Job control
 Medium–high1.991.70 to 2.34
 Medium–low2.692.31 to 3.13
 Low3.663.16 to 4.24
Physical strain at work
 Medium–low1.361.17 to 1.57
 Medium–high2.792.42 to 3.21
 High2.362.06 to 2.69