Table 5

Final model of multivariate logistic regression selecting components of EDI, which were associated with the individual deprivation indicator, French EU–SILC 2006* (N=19 253)

β95% CIp Value
Overcrowding0.110.02 to 0.200.0171
No access to a system of central or electric heating0.340.25 to 0.43<0.0001
Non-owner0.550.50 to 0.60<0.0001
Unemployment0.470.38 to 0.55<0.0001
Foreign nationality0.230.13 to 0.32<0.0001
No access to a car0.520.46 to 0.58<0.0001
Unskilled worker–farm worker0.370.27 to 0.46<0.0001
Household with more than six persons0.450.34 to 0.56<0.0001
Low level of education0.190.13 to 0.25<0.0001
Single-parent household0.410.33 to 0.48<0.0001
  • * Data weighted on non-response and adjusted on sample design of the French EU–SILC survey 2006.

  • Missing data: n=989.

  • EDI, European deprivation index; EU–SILC, European Union–Statistics on Income and Living Conditions.