Table 2

The contribution of causes of death to changes in life expectancy (in years) among men and women aged 35 years from 1988–92 to 2003–7 in Finland by income group and two age groups

Lowest 20%Highest 20%Difference highest–lowest, all ages
Lung cancer0.
Other cancers0.06−
Ischaemic heart disease1.380.790.591.990.781.210.6119
Cerebrovascular diseases0.330.170.160.520.140.380.196
Other circulatory diseases0.
Respiratory diseases0.
Alcohol-related causes of death*−1.04−0.97−−0.011.0833
Other diseases−0.16−0.14−
Accidents and violence−0.08−0.06−
Lung cancer−0.13−0.09−
Breast cancer−0.03−
Other cancers0.06−
Ischaemic heart disease1.050.220.831.
Cerebrovascular diseases0.490.090.400.540.070.480.052
Other circulatory diseases0.26−0.040.300.370.040.330.115
Respiratory diseases0.13−
Alcohol-related causes of death*−0.56−0.54−−0.010.5727
Other diseases−0.14−0.13−
Accidents and violence−0.03−
  • * Alcohol-related causes of death consist of accidental alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related diseases as the main cause of death.

  • Values in italic are based on less than 100 deaths during either one of the periods.