Table 2

Prevalence of community-, household- and individual-level variables among respondents

VariableCurrent use of modern contraception (%)Any ANC during pregnancy (%)SBA (%)
Community-level variables
 CHW presence********
  No CHW (reference group)12.723.114.1
  At least one female CHW19.445.826.2
  Only male CHW14.023.614.2
 Average walking time to nearest health facility from each Enumeration Unit (EU)********
  <2 h (reference group)18.339.925.4
  2 to <3 h13.932.512.4
  3 to <4 h9.119.416.4
  ≥4 h10.814.76.3
Household- and individual-level variables
 Wealth status*********
  Poorest 40% (reference group)
  Middle 40%
  Least poor 20%27.848.038.3
 Mother's age****
  <20 yrs (reference group)9.537.422.8
  20–24 yrs11.131.917.3
  25–29 yrs15.429.817.5
  30–34 yrs19.832.920.3
  35–49 yrs17.128.217.6
 Mother's education*********
  No education (reference group)
  Some education24.850.338.1
  ≤2 children9.234.622.6
  3–4 children15.230.315.6
  5–7 children18.830.916.8
  >7 children17.734.021.9
 Other women in household***
  No other married woman (reference)16.533.219.9
  1–2 other married woman13.134.219.1
  2 or more other married women12.818.911.3
Prevalence in overall sample15.532.319.0
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • Tests of independence are based on Pearson χ2 statistic corrected for survey design.

  • Mother's age at time of survey (for use of modern contraception); mother's age at time of birth (for use of ANC and SBA).

  • ANC, antenatal care; CHW, community health workers; SBA, skilled birth attendance.