Table 2

Mean (SD) age at wave 2 is shown by number of childhood residential moves

All respondents (N=850)Number of childhood residential moves
0 Moves1–2 Moves3+ Moves
Childhood characteristics
 Age at wave 218.58 (0.32)18.55 (0.30)18.57 (0.32)18.62 (0.33)
 Area-level deprivation*
  DepCat 1–3 (least deprived)33.131.535.128.2
  DepCat 4–540.
  DepCat 6–7 (most deprived)26.921.427.830.8
 Housing tenure
 Head of household social class
  I, II and III (non-manual)
  III (manual)34.832.136.532.7
  IV and V19.220.818.917.9
 Family structure**
  Intact family81.585.682.175.0
  Non-intact family18.514.417.925.0
 Number of siblings**
  Two to three43.438.542.851.3
  Four or more13.019.312.66.4
 Number of school moves***
  One to two30.111.230.651.3
  Three or more2.80.00.414.1
Adult characteristics
 Head of household social class*
  I, II and III (non-manual)65.366.766.061.2
  III (manual)22.222.622.919.4
  IV and V12.510.711.119.4
 Educational attainment
  Degree level or above4.
  Below degree level62.557.764.162.8
  No qualifications33.436.932.332.7
 Marital Status*
  Widowed or divorced6.
  Never married33.228.333.537.8
  • For all other variables, sample percentages are shown.

  • *p<0.1, **p<0.05 and ***p<0.01 for χ2 test (F test for age) of association between socio-demographic characteristics and increased number of residential moves.