Table 1

Maximum daily temperature (°C) recorded in the regions of England and Wales during the heatwave alert in June 2011*

RegionHeat-Health Watch regional heatwave daytime threshold values (°C)Maximum daily temperature (°C)
26 June 201127 June 2011
East of England3029.031.9
East Midlands3028.129.8
Northeast England2823.922.1
Northwest England3025.127.0
Southeast England3128.531.2
Southwest England3027.624.8
West Midlands3027.628.5
Yorkshire & Humber2927.829.6
  • The station for each region was chosen to be as representative as possible for each region as a whole. Bold values indicate exceedance of Heat-Health Watch regional threshold temperatures.

  • * Data provided by the Met Office National Climate Information Centre. Please note, this data is provisional and is still subject to quality control measures.