Table 2

Gender differences in vulnerability

MaleFemalep Value
Risk behaviours
 Ever had vaginal sex38969.719682.4<0.001
 Ever received payment/gift for sex9316.513656.7<0.001
 Unprotected sex at last casual sex13654.44850.50.520
 Unprotected sex at last commercial sex (MSM and FSW)1257.13435.80.070
 Ever injected drugs9216.33313.80.364
Service use
 Receive condoms from outreach71.23313.8<0.001
 Ever had an HIV test11320.06627.70.019
 Ever forced to have sex6011.210752.2<0.001
 Ever stopped or harassed by police46882.814058.3<0.001
  • FSW, female sex worker; MSM, men who have sex with men.