Table 3

Proportion with socio-emotional difficulties at age 5 years by maternal employment in infancy and cumulative maternal employment in the early years separately for boys and girls

Maternal employment sweep 1N% Total difficultiesMaternal employment sweeps 1, 2 & 3N% Total difficulties
Full-time paid work8535.9Paid work all three sweeps23936.4
Part-time paid work27217.7Paid work at two sweeps9607.3
No paid work294311.7Paid work at one sweep100910.1
No paid work at any sweep147714.9
Full-time paid work8072.2Paid work all three sweeps23482.4
Part-time paid work26683.6Paid work at two sweeps9764.7
No paid work27748.9Paid work at one sweep8415.9
No paid at work any sweep144311.9
  • *indicates statistical significance of the overall relationship between maternal employment and socioemotional difficulties at p<0.01.