Table 2

Crude means and standard errors of dietary attributes by gender

Energy (MJ)7.1±0.18.3±0.27.5±0.18.4
Vitamin A (μg, RAE)989±22894±29955±171500
Vitamin C (mg)111±3107±3110±260
Vitamin E (mg)13.8±0.314.4±0.414.0±0.230
Calcium (mg)905±17907±24906±141000
Magnesium (mg)296±4314±6303±4400
Potassium (mg)2781±412914±562829±333500
Dietary fibre (g)19.3±0.318.9±0.419.2±0.325
Nutrient density 7 (mean percentage DV)99.8±1.184.9±1.294.4±0.8
Monetary value of diet ($/day)8.75±0.139.45±0.199.01±0.11
  • Dietary attributes include all foods and beverages except drinking-water.

  • * DV, daily values for each nutrient, based on 8.4 MJ (2000 kcal) for adults and children ≥4 years (from US Food and Drug Adminstration25).

  • Nutrient density computed as mean per cent of daily values for vitamins A, C E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fibre, based on 8.4 MJ of dietary energy.

  • RAE, retinol activity equivalents.