Table 2

Cause-specific mortality fraction determined by the INDEPTH verbal autopsy (VA) tool and Comprehensive Rural Health Services Project (CRHSP) VA tool

Cause of deathMen (n=310)Women (n=199)Total
In-depth VA tool (%)CRHSP VA tool (%)In-depth VA tool (%)CRHSP VA tool (%)In-depth VA tool (%)CRHSP VA tool (%)
Ischaemic heart disease (I20–I25)13.914.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (J40–J47)11.613.
Tuberculosis (A15–A19)
Malignant neoplasm (C00–D48)
Intentional self-harm (X60–X84)
Other infectious diseases (A00–B99 except A15–A19)
Cerebro- vascular diseases (I60–I69)
Road-traffic accidents (V01–V99)
Other accident and injuries (W00–X59, X85–Y09)
Unclassified (R00–R99)11.916.521.628.115.721.1