Table 4

Results of sensitivity analyses

Impact of health inequalities (in billion €)
Standard estimates (as in table 3)Alternative 1: the health of people is ‘leveled up’ to the highest 20% of the population instead of the highest 50%Alternative 2: educational differences in health are 30% smaller than empirically estimatedAlternative 3: the effect of health on income is 30% smaller than estimated using ECHP dataAlternative 4: health has no effect on firm profits and mixed incomesAlternative 5: one life-year is worth 35% less than the USA based estimate of €77 000
Health as a capital good14122610899113NA
Health as a consumption good9801568754NANA637
Healthcare costs177283136NANANA
Social security benefits609646NANANA
  • Same notes apply as to table 3. For explanation of alternative scenarios, see main text. ECHP, European Community Household Panel; NA, not applicable.