Table 3

Increase in ORs (95% CI) for self-reported IHD in 1997–8 cohort associated with 1 SD increase in childhood stature (with robust standard errors)

1997–8 Cohort with complete data on explanatory factors
N (yes/no)Age and sex adjustedAdditional adjustments*
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Self-reported IHD
 Foot length143/6760.870.72 to to 1.140.54
 Shoulder breadth158/7300.920.77 to 1.100.380.970.80 to 1.160.71
 Height175/8080.820.69 to 0.980.030.890.73 to 1.070.21
 Trunk165/7520.880.74 to to 1.110.42
 Leg length165/7520.830.70 to 0.990.040.900.75 to 1.080.27
  • * Additionally adjusted for childhood socioeconomic position, household income, household food expenditure and breastfeeding status, and for adult socioeconomic position.

  • IHD, ischaemic heart disease.