Table 1

Range of prevalence estimates obtained from 2000 Decennial Census and 2000 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) for sociodemographic factors included in the non-response/non-coverage (NR/NC) adjustment weight and factors not included in the adjustment weight

Not adjusted for NR/NCAdjusted for NR/NC
Minimum prevalenceMaximum prevalenceMinimum prevalenceMaximum prevalenceMinimum prevalenceMaximum prevalence
State level
Used to adjust for NR/NC:
 % Women49.154.248.466.947.954.0
 % White26.197.630.998.230.598.0
 % 18–34 years old26.042.224.541.727.135.8
 % Hispanic0.638.80.841.40.742.1
Not used to adjust for NR/NC:
 % Income <$1500010.625.45.318.45.518.6
 % Married28.063.530.167.830.969.4
County level
Used to adjust for NR/NC:
 % Women46.456.037.176.332.569.7
 % White5.899.53.9100.03.1100.0
 % 18–34 years old16.662.48.766.49.871.9
 % Hispanic0.385.
Not used to adjust for NR/NC:
 % Income <$150003.
 % Married28.077.129.584.228.684.2
  • * BRFSS prevalence ranges were estimated two ways: (1) removal of adjustment weight for non-response/non-coverage (NR/NC) and (2) inclusion of adjustment weight for non-response/non-coverage.

  • States level analyses included 50 states and DC. Number of counties for the county-level analyses varied due to missing data and minimum sample size requirements to produce stable estimates (gender: n=732; race: n=730; age: n=732; ethnicity: n=729; income <$15 000: n=638; marital status: n=730).