Table 1

Data cleaning and sample sizes

Data cleaningEgypt 2005Honduras 2005Kenya 2003Malawi 2004Rwanda 2005
Ever partnered women selected for IPV module571114371467987872871
Without any birth recorded−513−971−261−601−124
Missing IPV data−99−2−367−495−324
Total women's observations509913398405176912423
Total child birth observations179594950015319292529953
U2 mortality sample (births 2–10 years previous to the study)6245182556480127904860
Total live children 6–59 months33949268376376262800
Missing anthropometric data−0−610−331−715−110
Flagged anthropometric data−152−96−140−550−102
Total child anthropometric sample32428562329263612587
  • IPV, intimate partner violence; U2, under 2 years of age.