Table 3

Six multivariate generalised estimating equation models (PR and 95% CI) of very good perceived health status and pain on socioeconomic position indicators, among boys and girls of Barcelona, 2006

Very good perceived health
PR95% CIPR95% CI
Level of paternal education
 Secondary0.870.74 to 1.030.930.73 to 1.17
 Primary0.750.55 to 1.010.720.48 to 1.09
 Missing responses0.740.60 to 0.910.850.64 to 1.15
Level of maternal education
 Secondary1.080.92 to to 1.24
 Primary0.960.73 to 1.260.620.37 to 1.06
 Missing responses1.010.84 to 1.220.850.62 to 1.15
Family's social class
 Manual0.860.73 to 1.030.780.61 to 1.02
 Missing response0.800.57 to 1.120.710.31 to 1.61
 Middle0.820.71 to 0.950.950.77 to 1.17
 Low0.770.61 to 0.990.830.58 to 1.16
  • Independent models were calculated for each socioeconomic position indicator.

  • Models were controlled by school and adjusted for age, family structure and chronic condition.

  • FAS, family affluence scale; PR, prevalence ratio.