Table 1

Depression and psychosocial characteristics measured at the third trimester of pregnancy and personal characteristics of the sample

MothersFathersp Value
Depression during pregnancy*
Psycosocial factors
Marital satisfaction
Affective social support
Confidant social support
Personal factors
History of depression
Negative life events
Socioprofessional factors
 <30 years28641.615423.0<0.001
 30–34 years30043.731446.9
 >34 years10114.720130.0
Couple's occupational social class
 Manual workers30644.629644.30.906
 Non-manual workers38055.437255.7
Native country
 Not Spain7410.87411.10.797
Domestic chores (weekly hours)
 Up to 30 h52476.363296.3<0.001
 >30 h16323.7243.7
  • * Cut-off value was ≥ 13 for mothers and ≥11 for fathers.

  • To have paid work during pregnancy in mothers and in fathers at the time of data collection.