Table 3

ANCOVA results showing impact of subgroup and country of birth on total MET-min per week (totalMETs)

Mean totalMETsPartial η2
Subgroups (male)
 White (n=4006)1672.05 (27.22)*0.03
 Indian (n=806)1089.33 (60.84)†
 Pakistani (n=850)973.84 (61.42)†
 Bangladeshi (n=719)1055.37 (71.35)†
Subgroups (female)
 White (n=4968)1292.67 (19.64)*0.02
 Indian (n=943)919.41 (44.38)†
 Pakistani (n=965)926.47 (47.20)†
 Bangladeshi (n=862)775.41 (53.76)‡
South Asians only
 Country of birth (male)
  UK born (n=607)1385.23 (69.72)*0.01
  Born outside the UK (n=1895)935.53 (36.21)†
 Country of birth (female)
  UK born (n=766)972.50 (49.19)*0.00
  Born outside the UK (n=2153)843.66 (27.67)†
  • Data presented as adjusted means (SE).

  • Different symbols (*, †, ‡) represent significant (p < 0.05) differences between groups.

  • Partial η2 values indicate effect size.

  • Adjustments made for age, body mass index and self-reported health.