Table 1

Key child observation characteristics by intervention in Matlab

Study armp Value
Education onlyPlaypenDoor barrier
No of eligible households343326373
No of participating households (response rate)192 (56%)147 (45%)133 (36%)
No of visits1093802799
Average child age in months—first visits only (SD)29.5 (13.33)25.9 (12.98)25.48 (12.92)<0.05
Average number of visits per HH (SD)4.03 (2.47)3.52 (1.96)3.8 (2.06)
No of observations where intervention tool is in use* (%)N/A454 (56.6)149 (18.7)<0.01
No of observations with child directly supervised by adult (%)1032 (94.4)285 (35.5)628 (78.6)<0.01
No of observations where no form of protection is being used (%)61 (5.6)10 (1.3)16 (2.0)<0.01
No of positive feedback comments (%)1045 (96.9)726 (90.9)427 (54.3)<0.01
No of negative feedback comments (%)25 (2.3)30 (3.8)53 (6.7)<0.01
No of mechanical or other problems reported (%)8 (0.7)43 (5.4)307 (39.0)<0.01
  • * Door barrier and playpen groups only.

  • Percentages for positive feedback, negative feedback and mechanical problems are calculated as a proportion of total feedback comments for each respective study arm. Percentages for all other rows are calculated as a proportion of the number of observation visits for each respective study arm.