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SmokingBMI, CVD and mortalityEthnicity and young peopleDiabetes plusDisability and capabilityAgeing
09.00–09.20Can national smoking prevalence be monitored using primary care medical records data?L Szatkowski et al A49Comparison of the associations of BMI and measures of regional adiposity with CHD, diabetes and all cause mortality: a study using data from four UK cohorts.Explaining the mental health advantage of British Indian childrenA Goodman et al A57Prediction scores to identify older adults at high risk for type 2 diabetesSG Wannamathee et al A61The association between participation of children with cerebral palsy and the physical, social and attitudinal environment: a cross-sectional European studyThe impact of cataract surgery on health related quality of life and time use in Kenya, Bangladesh and the PhilippinesS Polack et al A69
AE Taylor et al A53HO Dickinson et al A65
09.25–09.45*The impact of implementation of smokefree legislation in England on cotinine levels in adultsJ Mindell et al A50Association of body mass index, waist circumference and waist-hip ratio with mortality in the Scottish health surveysJW Hotchkiss et al A54Emergence of ethnic differences in blood pressure in adolescence: the Determinants of Adolescent Social Well-being and Health Longitudinal StudyRelative risk of mortality associated with diabetes in Scotland in 2007: a nationwide record linkage studyS Wild et al A62Twenty-year survival of children born with congenital anomalies: a population-based studyP Tennant et al A66Poverty and blindness: an intervention study to assess the impact of cataract surgery on povertyH Kuper et al A70
E Lenguerrand et al A58
09.50–10.10The benefits of stopping smokingK Pirie et al A51Elevated body mass index in early adulthood as a predictor of later coronary heart disease mortality: up to 82 years follow-up in the Harvard Alumni Health StudyNutritional composition of the diets of South Asian, black African Caribbean and white European children in the UK: the Child Heart and Health Study England (CHASE)Quantifying the association between tuberculosis and diabetes: a case-control analysisJ Critchley et al A63Measuring locomotor disability: a new scoring mechanism for some familiar itemsS Muller et al A67The association between psychosocial status and mortality in older adults: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
GD Batty et al A55AS Brock et al A59CC Craigs et al A71
10.15–10.35Weight change over eight years in relation to baseline body mass index in a cohort of continuing and quitting smokersD Lycett et al A52The long term effects of childbearing and breastfeeding on body mass index in middle aged women: results from the Million Women StudyPatterns of adiposity and obesity among South Asian and white European children: the Child Heart and Health Study in England (CHASE)Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in South Asian and black minorities: findings from a population based screening study in London, UKPhysical capability and subsequent mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis of published dataR Cooper et al A68Health and disease in a UK cohort of 85 year olds—the Newcastle 85+ studyJ Collerton et al A72
K Bobrow et al A56CM Nightingale et al A60P Roderick et al A64
10.35–11.05Refreshments and poster viewing (King’s Hall)
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Inequalities IIHealth services research and evidence based practiceMeasurement and recognition of adipositySubstance useCVD and metabolic syndromeMethods in ethnicity research
11.05–11.25Context or composition? Exploring the adult health and well-being of British children born in different regionsS Easton A73Mind the gap: use of evidence in commentaries on MMR in professional journals (P1988–2007)K Hunt et al A76Accuracy of height and weight data from child health recordsLD Howe et al A79A retrospective analysis of changing outcomes for pregnant substance users with the establishment of specialist antenatal servicesStatins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease—caution requiredJP Casas et al A85Investigating the association between ethnicity and survival from breast cancer using routinely collected health data: challenges and potential solutions
K Bristow et al A82A Downing et al A88
11.30–11.50Comparison of life course socioeconomic models for cardiovascular risk factors: 1946 Birth CohortAssociation between volume and outcome for adult general critical care units in England, Wales and Northern IrelandParental recognition of overweight in children aged 6–8 years: findings from the Gateshead Millennium StudyEarly adolescent substance use and parental socio economic position earlier in life: birth cohort analysesMetabolic health changes in migrants moving from a rural to an urban environment in TanzaniaRecruiting South Asians to a randomised trial (PODOSA) for the prevention of diabetes: the challenges and achievements
ET Lemelin et al A74C Welch et al A77AR Jones et al A80R Melotti et al A83N Unwin et al A86A Douglas et al A89
11.55–12.15Social influences on trajectories of self-rated health: a comparative study of four OECD countriesA Sacker et al A75Independent sector treatment centres: learning from a Scottish case studyG Kirkwood et al A78A 10-year decline in self-recognition of obesity—trends in sensitivity and specificity from three population surveys in IrelandF Shiely et al A81*The Edinburgh Addiction Cohort (EAC): a longitudinal study of survival and long term injecting cessationJ Kimber et al A84High burden of CVD in an elderly Eastern German population—potential explanation for an East-West gradient of CVD mortality—The CARLA Study 2002–2006Under-reporting of tobacco use among Bangladeshi women in England: a cross-sectional studyM Roth et al A90
KH Greiser et al A87