Table 2 Percent distribution of the Italian population according to their attitudes towards smoking regulation, in strata of selected characteristics. Italy, 2005–8
StrataBars/cafes and restaurants: observance of the legislationWorkplaces: observance of the legislationGo to bars/cafes and restaurants:
%p Value*%p Value*More frequently (%)Less frequently (%)p Value*†
Age group (years)
Level of education
Geographic area
Smoking status
    Never smokers86.1<0.00176.4<0.00113.64.5<0.001
    Current smokers91.
  • *p Values were adjusted for sex, age group, level of education, geographic area, smoking status and survey.

  • †Limited to participants reporting they changed their habit of going to bars/cafes and restaurants after the law came into force.

  • ‡p For trend.