Table 1 Percent distribution of the Italian population according to the attitudes towards smoking regulation, based on four representative samples of 12‚ÄČ245 individuals interviewed from 2005 to 2008
Year(Total)2005(3114)2006(3039)2007(3057)2008(3035)p For trend*
Degree of observance of the legislation in bars/cafes and restaurants
Moderately/strongly respected90.589.886.083.9<0.001
Not frequently/not at all respected9.510.214.016.1
Degree of observance of the legislation in workplaces
Moderately/strongly respected76.875.277.774.30.19
Not frequently/not at all respected23.224.822.325.7
After the introduction of the tobacco regulation, Italians go to bars/cafes and restaurants
More frequently9.613.
Less frequently7.
  • *Adjusted for sex and age group.