Table 1 Characteristics of births to Inuit residents in the Hudson Bay communities where midwives were the primary birthing attendants, and the Ungava Bay communities where physicians were the primary birthing attendants, Nunavik, 1989–2000
Hudson BayUngava Bayp Value*
All births, N15291197
Infant sex, male %
Multiple birth, %
Mothers primiparous, %
Maternal age (years), %0.18
Marital status, %0.05
    Common law union41.036.6
Maternal education, %0.17
    <11 years61.564.6
    11 years (completed high school)15.816.1
    ⩾12 years (some college or higher)22.719.3
  • *p Values in χ2 tests for differences between the two sets of communities.