Table 3

Relative risk of crash-related hospitalisation by SES

Socioeconomic statusRR95% CIp Value
Univariate modelHigh1.00Reference
Moderate1.350.84 to 2.180.22
Low1.941.24 to 3.03<0.01
Multivariable model*High1.00Reference
Moderate1.370.79 to 2.370.27
Low1.801.05 to 3.060.03
Multivariable model* adjusted for ruralityHigh1.00Reference
Moderate1.450.82 to 2.550.20
Low1.861.07 to 3.240.03
  • * Variables adjusted: age, gender, number of offences before crash, illicit drug usage (other than marijuana), sensation seeking, self harm, car modification, motorcycle riding, raced vehicle other than motor vehicles, average sleep hours per week, average driving hours per week, age and relationship of non-professional instructor on Learner licence, and hours of training under a non-professional instructor on Learner licence.