Table 1

Number of men with at least one hospital admission for unintentional injury during follow-up (N=1 109 475)

ICD 8/9 codesICD 10 codesn*
All unintentional injuriesE800–E949V01–X59, Y85–86198 133
 FallsE880–E888W00–W1982 706
 Road accidentsE810–E829See footnote47 199
Complications of medical careE870–E879Y40–Y84, Y8814 637
  • * Note: men could have more than one type of unintentional injury.

  • Excluding complications of medical care.

  • V01.1–V01.9, V02.1–V02.9, V03.1–V03.9, V04.1–V04.9, V06.1–V06.9, V09.2, V09.3, V10.3–V10.9, V11.3–V11.9, V12.3–V12.9, V13.3–V13.9, V14.3–V14.9, V15.4–V15.9, V16.4–V16.9, V17.4–V17.9, V18.4–V18.9, V19.4–V19.9, V20.3–V20.9, V21.3–V21.9, V22.3–V22.9, V23.3–V23.9, V24.3–V24.9, V25.3–V25.9, V26.3–V26.9, V27.3–V27.9, V28.3–V28.9, V29.4–V29.9, V30.4–V30.9, V31.4–V31.9, V32.4–V32.9, V33.4–V33.9, V34.4–V34.9, V35.4–V35.9, V36.4–V36.9, V37.4–V37.9, V38.4–V38.9, V39.4–V39.9, V40.4–V40.9, V41.4–V41.9, V42.4–V42.9, V43.4–V43.9, V44.4–V44.9, V45.4–V45.9, V46.4–V46.9, V47.4–V47.9, V48.4–V48.9, V49.4–V49.9, V50.4–V50.9, V51.4–V51.9, V52.4–V52.9, V53.4–V53.9, V54.4–V54.9, V55.4–V55.9, V56.4–V56.9, V57.4–V57.9, V58.4–V58.9, V59.4–V59.9, V60.4–V60.9, V61.4–V61.9, V62.4–V62.9, V63.4–V63.9, V64.4–V64.9, V65.4–V65.9, V66.4–V66.9, V67.4–V67.9, V68.4–V68.9, V69.4–V69.9, V70.4–V70.9, V71.4–V71.9, V72.4–V72.9, V73.4–V73.9, V74.4–V74.9, V75.4–V75.9, V76.4–V76.9, V77.4–V77.9, V78.4–V78.9, V79.4–V79.9, V80.3–V80.5, V81.1, V82.1, V82.8–V82.9, V83.0–V83.3, V84.0–V84.3, V85.0–V85.3, V86.0–V86.3, V87.0–V87.9, V89.2–V89.3, V89.9, V99 and Y85.0.