Table 2

Results from hierarchical Bayes model for utility of attributes of health facilities for delivery, reported for 1006 women from Jimma Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

VariableCoefficient‡‡SE95% CI
Travel time0.171*0.0130.1450.198
Good provider attitude/performance1.445*0.0491.3491.542
Available drugs and medical equipment3.877*0.0743.7324.022
Available transportation0.449*0.0270.3960.502
n (observations)8045
Root likelihood0.777
Per cent certainty**77.1%
  • * p<0.01.

  • In hours.

  • In 10 Birr.

  • § In reference to health extension worker.

  • With three alternatives per choice, a chance model would have a root likelihood of 1/3. A perfect model fit would have a root likelihood of 1.

  • ** Indicates how much better the solution is than chance, as compared to a perfect solution. 0% corresponds to a model fit at the chance level, and 100% corresponds to a perfect model fit. This corresponds to a log likelihood of −2029.87.

  • †† The probability that the fully specified model is not different from a null model (in which all attribute coefficients are zero).

  • ‡‡ Mean of individual coefficients.