Table 3 Crude associations between mental disorders and knowing someone who died of HIV/AIDS
Total sample (n = 4182)Personally knows someone who died of AIDS (n = 1743)Does not personally know someone who died of AIDS (n = 2439)p Value
Non-specific psychological distress
    Low73.468.477.1<0.001 *
    Very high8.59.97.4
DSM-IV defined disorders
    Any disorder16.820.813.6<0.001
    Any depressive disorder5.
        Major depressive disorder4.
        Minor depressive disorder0.
    Any anxiety disorder8.710.87.1<0.001
        Generalised anxiety disorder2.
        Panic disorder0.
        Post-traumatic stress disorder0.
        Social phobia2.
    Any substance-related disorder5.78.14.0<0.001
        Alcohol dependence/abuse4.
        Drug dependence/abuse1.
  • All cells are percentages (%).

  • *Pearson’s chi-squared p value comparing K-10 scores from low–medium–high vs very high, 0.018.