Table 2 Crude associations between recent life events and knowing someone who died of HIV/AIDS
Total sample (n = 4182)Personally knows someone who died of AIDS (n = 1743)Does not personally know someone who died of AIDS (n = 2439)p Value
Death of someone close to you27.832.624.3<0.001
You having a serious illness or injury12.013.810.60.004
Someone close to you having a serious illness, injury, physical attack or13.817.610.9<0.001
Being a victim of a serious physical attack or assault6.
Being robbed or having home burgled11.513.110.30.046
Separation due to marital difficulties5.
Break up of a close relationship10.814.97.9<0.001
Fired from job4.
Retiring when did not want to4.
Losing job for another reason6.
Unsuccessfully searching for a job15.018.812.2<0.001
Major financial crisis35.440.132.0<0.001
Problems with the police4.36.22.9<0.001
  • All cells are percentages (%).