Table 2 Estimated reductions in respiratory hospitalisations, 2001–2*
Type of admissionControl group (n = 1379)Intervention group (n = 1340)Net change in hospitalisation rate (per 1000)†
Number of inpatient nightsNumber of outpatient admissionsNumber of inpatient nightsNumber of outpatient admissionsInpatient nightsOutpatient admissions
Children (<19)4−2−22−7.54.9
Adults (19–64)−10−1000
Older people (65+)47028−1−100.3−5.4
  • *Hospitalisations included are those where the primary ICD10 code was any of the J codes or R04 or R05 ICDIO is the tenth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

  • †Negative net changes represent a cost saving.