Table 2 Exposure to traumatic events of Ugandan IDP respondents (nā€Š=ā€Š1206)
Trauma events experienced
Lack of food or water1085 (89.9)
Lack of housing or shelter931 (77.2)
Unnatural death of family/friend913 (75.7)
Murder of family member/friend902 (74.8)
Being close to, but escaping, death841 (69.7)
Ill health without medical care784 (65.0)
Witnessing murder of stranger(s)775 (64.3)
Tortured or beaten678 (56.2)
Forced separation from family546 (45.3)
Being abducted or kidnapped521 (43.2)
Made to accept ideas against will (brainwashing)482 (39.9)
Serious injury473 (39.2)
Forced isolation from other people450 (37.3)
Being in a war fighting situation329 (27.3)
Imprisonment against your will296 (24.5)
Rape or sexual abuse171 (14.1)