Organisations that issued tobacco control advocacy statements:
Action on Smoking and Health—Australia, Britain
Advocacy Institute, United States
American Cancer Society
Anti-Cancer Council Victoria/The Cancer Council Victoria
Arizona University, Respiratory Sciences Centre
Asthma Australia
Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre, Melbourne
Australian Cancer Society/The Cancer Council Australia
Australian Council on Smoking and Health
Australian Health Policy Institute
Australian Medical Association
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Cancer Council Australia, NSW
Centre for Adolescent Health, Melbourne
Chinese Smoking and Health Association
Community and Public Sector Union Tasmania
Concord Hospital Sydney
Heart and Cancer Offensive Against Tobacco (Australian coalition 1998)
Institute of Cancer Research, London
Johns Hopkins Medical Centre
Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union
National Centre for Health Statistics, Maryland
Quit (Victoria, NSW)
Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals
St George’s Hospital, Sydney
Sydney University Smoking Research Unit
The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne
The European Commission
The National Heart Foundation (Australia)
Tobacco Control Coalition (convenor Andrew Penman, 2000)
Tobacco Problems Information Centre, Tokyo
University of California, Department of Medicine
University of Rochester Children’s Hospital, New York
University of Sydney, Public and Community Medicine Department
University of Western Australia, Department of Public Health
VicHealth (Victorian Health Promotion Foundation)
VicHealth Centre for Tobacco Control
World Health Organisation
Organisations that issued tobacco promotion public relations statements:
Australian Hotels Association
Britain’s Tobacco Manufacturers Association
British American Tobacco Australasia
Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation
Cigar Society of Australia
Crown Casino (Melbourne)
Enlightened Tobacco Company
Philip Morris
Retail Confectionery and Mixed Business Association
RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
The Nightlife Association, New York
Tobacco Co-operative of Victoria
Tobacco Institute Australia
Tobacco Retail Traders Association
WD and HO Wills