Table 1

Annual prevalence rates of clusters of diseases presented in general practice (cases per 1000) (n = 345 143 unless stated otherwise)

ClusterICPC codesN (abs)Per 1000
High blood pressure (n = 273 925)K85 K86 K872477890.5
Cardiac diseaseK71 K73 K74 K77 K78 K79 K80 K81 K82 K83 K84904426.2
Coronary heart disease (n = 240 825)K74 K75 K76580424.1
Stroke, brain haemorrhage (n = 240 825)K89 K90254910.6
Neck and back complaintsL01 L02 L03 L84 L863234693.7
Severe back complaintsL02 L03 L85 L862523073.1
Severe neck and shoulder complaintsL01 L08 L83 L922123661.5
Severe elbow, wrist and hand complaintsL10 L11 L12 L72 L74769822.3
Osteoarthritis (n = 240 825)L89 L90 L91452118.8
Arthritis (n = 240 825)L88 T92317013.2
DepressionP03 P76885925.7
Anxiety disorderP01 P74803323.3
Upper respiratory tract infectionA77 R72 R74 R75 R76 R803145791.1
Bronchi(oli)tis/pneumoniaR78 R811080631.3
Asthma, COPDR91 R95 R961281337.1
Migraine/severe headacheN01 N02 N03 N89 N90 N921062930.8
Severe intestinal complaintsD81 D85 D86 D92 D93 D94526415.3
Infectious disease of the intestinal canalD70 D73381611.1
MUPSA01 A04 D01 D08 D09 D12 D18 D21 D93 K01 K02 K04 L01 L02 L03 L08 L09 L14 L20 N01 N02 N17 P06 P20 R02 R21 T03 T07 T0875774219.5
Chronic eczemaS86 S87 S882230364.6
Acute urinary tract infectionU70 U71 U721330338.5
Diabetes (n = 290 479)T88 T90926031.9
CancerA79 B72 B73 B74 D74 D75 D76 D77 F74 H75 K72 L71 N74 R84 R85 S77 S80 T71 T73 U75 U76 U77 U79 W72 X75 X76 X77 X81 Y77 Y78608617.6
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICPC, International Classification of Primary Care; MUPS, medically unexplained physical symptoms.