Table 1 Correlations among area characteristics, early childhood prevalence of asthma, and hospitalisations as a result of childhood asthma in New York City
Street tree densityPopulation densityPercentage in povertyPercentage blackPercentage LatinoPercentage near pollution sourcePrevalence of asthmaHospitalisations as a result of asthma
Street tree density0.81***–0.49**0.180.08–0.05–0.66***0.32
Population density0.50***0.40*–0.21–0.170.34*0.65***–0.29
Percentage in poverty–0.54***0.210.38*0.54***0.18–0.270.25
Percentage black–0.23–0.020.40**–0.52***–*
Percentage Latino–0.52***0.120.78***0.11–
Percentage near pollution source0.140.57***0.38*–0.040.29–0.190.26
Prevalence of asthma–0.54***0.260.73***0.44**0.70***0.260.58***
Hospitalisations as a result of asthma–0.39*0.230.75***0.56***0.65***0.34*0.83***
  • Partial correlation coefficients, shown above the diagonal, are adjusted for all other area characteristics shown; simple Pearson correlation coefficients are shown below the diagonal; characteristics and childhood asthma were assessed for 42 areas throughout New York City between 1995 and 2000.

  • *p⩽0.05; **p⩽0.01; ***p⩽0.001.