Table 1 Groups of causes of avoidable mortality in the Spanish consensus list (from Gispert et al.12)
ConditionAgeICD-9 codesICD-10 codes
Mortality avoidable by health service interventions
Tuberculosis (sequelae included)0–74010–018,137A15–A19, B90
Cervical cancer15–74180C53
Cancer of corpus uteri and cancer of unspecified part of uterus15–74182,179C54, C55
Hodgkin’s disease0–74201C81
Chronic rheumatic heart diseases0–74393–398I05–I09
Pneumonia, acute respiratory infections and influenza0–74480–486, 460–466, 487A48.1, J12–J18 (except J18.2), J00–J06 (except J02.0, J03.0), J20–J22, J10–J11
Diseases of the appendix0–74540–543K35–K38
Abdominal hernia0–74550–553K40–K46
Hypertensive diseases0–74401–405I10–I15
Cerebrovascular diseases0–74430–438I60–I69, G45, F01.1
Maternal mortality (pregnancy, childbirth and puerperal complications)All ages630–676O00–O99, A34
Perinatal conditionsAll ages760–779P00–P96, A33
Female breast cancer0–74174C50 (female)
Ischaemic heart diseases35–74410–414I20–I25
Peptic ulcer0–74531–534K25–K28
Immunisation preventable0–74032, 037, 033, 055, 056, 072, 045, 070.0, 070.1, 070.2–70.3A36, A35, A37, A49.2, B05, B06, B26, A80, B15, B16, B17.0, B18.0–B18.1
Nutritional anaemias0–74280–281D50–D53
Cancer of skin (melanoma and non-melanoma)0–74172, 173C43, C44, C46.0, C46.9
Cancer of testis0–74186C62
Disorders of the thyroid gland0–74240–246E00–E07
Diabetes mellitus0–49250E10–E14
Hyperplasia of the prostate0–74600N40
Congenital malformations of the circulatory system0–74745–747Q20–Q28, I51.0
Adverse events during surgical and medical proceduresAll agesE870–879Y60–Y84
Mortality avoidable by health policy interventions
Cancer of trachea, bronchus and lung0–74162C33, C34
Alcoholic liver disease15–74571.0–571.3K70.0, K70.1, K70.2–K70.3, K70.4, K70.9
AIDS and HIV diseaseAll ages279.5, 042, 279.6, 795.8*B20–24, R75
Traffic accident involving a motor vehicleAll agesE810–825V02–V04, V09 (except V09.1 and V09.9), V12–V14, V19.0–V19.2, V19.4–V19.6, V20–V79, V80.3–V80.5, V81.0–V81.1, V82.0–V82.1, V83–V88 (except V88.9), V89 (except V89.1)
SuicideAll agesE950–959X60–X84, Y87.0
HomicideAll agesE960–969X85–Y09, Y87.1
Remainder of external causes (excludes traffic accidents involving a motor vehicle, suicide, homicide and iatrogenic causes)All agesE800–807E826–849E850–858E860–869E880–949E970–999V01, V05–V06, V09.1, V09.9, V10–V11, V15–V18, V19.3, V19.8–V19.9, V80.0–V80.2, V80.6–V80.9, V81.2–V81.9, V82.2–V82.9, V88.9, V89.1, V90–V99, W00–W99, X00–X49, X50–X59, Y10–Y59, Y85–Y86, Y87.2, Y88–Y89, F10.0
  • *When this disease was first recognised, different codes were used in several regions of Spain.

  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases.