Table 3 Types of adverse events (AEs)
Types of AEsn (%)Preventable
Related to care50 (7.63)56.0
Pressure ulcer24 (3.66)
Burning, erosions and contusions (including subsequent fractures)19 (2.90)
Pulmonary oedema and respiratory failure4 (0.61)
Other consequences of lengthy inactivity3 (0.46)
Related to medication245 (37.4)34.8
Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea32 (4.89)
Pruritus, rash or dermatological injuries reactive to drugs and dressings32 (4.89)
Other adverse events caused by drugs29 (4.43)
Poor control of glycaemia19 (2.90)
Haemorrhage by anticoagulation18 (2.75)
Other104 (15.89)
Related to nosocomial infection166 (25.34)56.6
Infection of surgical wound50 (7.63)
Nosocomial urinary tract infection45 (6.87)
Another type of nosocomial infection or non specified infection22 (3.36)
Sepsis and septic shock19 (2.90)
Nosocomial pneumonia17 (2.60)
Bacteraemia associated to catheterisation13 (1.98)
Related to a procedure164 (25.04)31.7
Haemorrhage or haematoma related to surgery or procedure61 (9.31)
Organ injury during procedure20 (3.05)
Other complications after surgery or procedure14 (2.14)
Inefficient or incomplete surgery11 (1.68)
Uterine strain9 (1.37)
Other49 (7.48)
Related to diagnosis18 (2.75)84.2
Delay in the diagnosis10 (153)
Diagnosis error8 (1.22)
Other12 (1.83)33.4
Non-specified7 (1.07)
Other AEs5 (0.76)
Total655 (100.00)42.6