Table 4 Ordinary least squares (OLS) regression of KS2 attainment: packed lunch versus adjusted for free school meals, conditioning on free school meals (1) and child and mother characteristics (2)
Key Stage 1 (KS1) scores†0.706 (73.34)**0.686 (51.58)**
Mixed consumption of school meals and lunches−0.019 (0.73)0.009 (0.29)
Packed lunches only0.012 (0.51)0.039 (1.33)
“Junk food” score at 38 months (low to high)−0.089 (9.40)**−0.032 (2.52)*
FSM indicator for children−0.147 (3.73)**−0.061 (1.00)
Child variables includedNoYes
Mother variables includedNoYes
Child–mother processes includedNoYes
  • Robust and cluster t statistics in parentheses.

  • *Significant at 5%**significant at1%. Categories for comparison: for mixed consumption of school meals and lunches and packed lunches: (school meals).

  • †National tests: Key Stage 1 taken at ages 6–7.