Table 4 Multivariate generalised estimating equation models predicting common mental disorders (n = 902)
VariableHigh anxiety symptoms*High depression symptoms†Distress‡PTS¶
Bp ValueBp ValueBp ValueBp Value
Food secure−1.04<0.01−1.22<0.01−1.14<0.01−0.63<0.01
Stressful life events0.14<0.010.15<0.010.14<0.010.26<0.001
High SES ladder−0.230.01−0.180.01−0.24<0.01−0.20.06
BMI <18.50.320.030.320.030.330.030.290.10
High goods0.130.42−0.180.300.030.88−0.230.29
High livestock0.330.080.350.070.52<
  • *Assessed as mean score of items 1–10 on the HSCL ⩾1.75.

  • †Assessed as mean score of items 11–25 on the HSCL ⩾1.75.

  • ‡Assessed as mean score on the HSCL ⩾1.75.

  • ¶Assessed as mean score on the HTQ ⩾2.0.

  • BMI, body mass index; PTS, post-traumatic stress; SES, socioeconomic status.