Table 1 Household characteristics of baseline participants in the Gilgel Gibe Growth and Development Study (n = 451 households)
Household variables*Mean (SD)Percentage
SES ladder (min 0, max 10 higher levels indicate higher SES)2.9 (1.3)
Food-insecure score (min 1, max 7 higher score indicates greater insecurity)2.8 (2.8)
Food secure (summed food-insecure score ⩽4)66
House floor material
House roof material
Wall material
Source of drinking water
    Unprotected well or spring54
    Protected well or spring16
Toilet facility
    Private toilet or public toilet facility59
    Open area used as toilet facility40
  • *Mean and standard deviation shown unless otherwise indicated.

  • SES, socioeconomic status.