Table 3 Combined ORs for the association between mould exposure and each outcome
OutcomeCombined, adjusted OR (95% CI)p Value from test for between-country heterogeneity
Wheeze1.43 (1.36 to 1.49)0.16
Asthma1.35 (1.20 to 1.51)<0.01
Bronchitis1.38 (1.29 to 1.47)0.01
Nocturnal dry cough1.30 (1.22 to 1.39)0.41
Morning cough1.50 (1.31 to 1.73)<0.01
Sensitivity to inhaled allergens1.33 (1.23 to 1.44)0.17
Hay fever1.35 (1.18 to 1.53)0.20
Woken by wheeze1.49 (1.28 to 1.74)<0.01
  • ORs are adjusted for area and individual risk factors: age, sex, parental education, nationality, household crowding, gas for cooking, unvented heater, post- and prenatal exposure to tobacco smoke, birth order, and “ever had a pet”.