Table 4 Selected United Kingdom studies examining fracture incidence
AuthorPeriodLocationSettingAge group*% Annual incidence
Knowelden et al 31954–1958DundeeTrauma serviceCases over 35 years1.080.95
Knowelden et al 31954–1958OxfordTrauma serviceCases over 35 years0.870.90
Van Staa et al 61988–1998England & WalesGeneral practitioner recordsCases over 20 years1.001.07
Donaldson et al 21980–1982LeicestershireFracture clinic and orthopaedic inpatientsAll ages1.000.81
Johansen et al 41994–1995CardiffEmergency departmentsAll ages2.351.88
Jones et al 51999–2000WalesEmergency departmentsAll ages1.951.51
This study2002–2004EnglandHousehold surveyAll ages4.103.10
  • *Comparison between studies is limited by the different age groups included therein.