Table 1 Variables of interest by gender of respondent
VariableGenderTest of proportions or t test
Male (n  =  123)Female (n  =  133)
Demographic characteristics
    Age (% in each category) in years
    Marital status (% in each category)
        Married, living with partner47.232.30.02
        Single, widowed, separated/divorced52.967.70.02
    Self-reported race (% in each category)
    Province (% in each category)
        Eastern Cape36.627.8NS
        Western Cape29.340.60.06
    No in household (% in each category)
Socioeconomic characteristics
    Formal education (% in each category) in years
    Income from regular employment (%)77.275.9NS
    Sources of non-employment income (mean no of sources)0.580.820.03
    Income in past 30 days (median; US$)*279241NS
    Income in past 30 days, adjusted for household size (median; US$)*70.850.2NS
Subjective social status
    Community ladder (mean)4.504.35NS
    Country ladder (mean)3.934.01NS
    Creditworthy ladder (mean)4.604.08NS
Stressful life events
    Events not including birth and catastrophe (mean no of events)1.601.64NS
    Birth in household (%)8.910.5NS
    Catastrophe in household (%)7.35.3NS
Decision-making (mean no of items)
    Respondent alone3.374.840.05
    Respondent with partner6.556.41NS
    Partner/other alone3.081.750.01
  • NS, not significant, p>0.10.

  • *US$1  =  7.3 South African rands. For statistical analysis, the logarithm of this variable was computed because of positive skew.