Table 1 Number of participants and recent fractures included in the analyses, and the mean age of these participants
YearGroupSexMean age (years)No. respondents reporting ⩾1 fracture in past yearNo. respondents experiencing multiple fracture episodes in past yearNo. respondents who broke ⩾1 bone in an episode
MaleFemaleAllUnweightedWeighted by interview weight
2002General population8642975118 39325.638.37108443
2003General population845810 08818 54640.140.16134244
2004General population37284626835441.141.1308*2119
2004Ethnic minority boost4748536310 11129.631.4207Not collectedNot collected
Analysis 1General population 2002–200420 82824 46545 29334.439.11631*147106
Analysis 2General population 2004 and ethnic minority boost 20048476998918 46534.837.9514*Not collectedNot collected
  • *A total of 26 of these individuals provided incomplete information on fracture site and are therefore excluded from any site-specific analyses.