Table 3

 Hierarchical regression for significant cross-product terms included in suicidal ideation

PredictorsR2 change at step*β at step 1β at step 2Final β
*Total R2 = 0.33.
‡Health problems, impulsivity and irrational values were found to be non-significant at step 2 and were then discarded.
Step 1: Enter influence of celebrity suicide
Influence of celebrity suicide0.040.20†0.14†0.14†
Step 2: Enter risk and protective factors for suicide‡
Anxiety symptoms0.270.20†0.13†
Reason for living−0.12†−0.06†
Prior suicide attempt0.19†0.18†
Received psychiatric treatment0.05†0.05†
Abuse history0.11†0.11†
Debt problem0.05†0.05†
Interpersonal conflicts0.16†0.14†
Step 3: Enter cross-product terms
Anxiety symptom × Influence of celebrity suicide0.020.09†
Reason for living × Influence of celebrity suicide−0.13†
Irrational values × Influence of celebrity suicide0.08†